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Startup #1 - Please Remind Me

I’m currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand. When I left Korea late 2016, I promised myself to be back on this continent (even if it’s just for a bit) in less... read more

My blog post went to #1 on Hacker News!

On Sunday evening I decided to once and for all kill my Facebook account. But I didn’t want to lose everything so I managed to back up everything. Instead of... read more

How to delete Facebook and not lose your friends (and photos)

Facebook is boring, it used to be great now it’s boring. I used to have 200 friends now I have 1500. There is no way I know 1500 people. Draconian... read more

Coding for beginners

How do I build something? I’m not a programmer. If you wanna learn to make apps, build websites, etc and don’t have a budget to hire a developer, you should... read more

I made a Telegram bot that tells me local surf conditions.

After I made Downtime bot, I decided to go a bit further and make it related to something I’m truly passionate about. Surfing. It started off with mapping out my... read more

Getting Downtime Bot featured on Product Hunt.

Launching products is what I love doing….. well, creating products and seeing it come to life and then sharing it with the world.. It think it’s the coding part that’s... read more