Hi, I'm Ronald. Nice to meet.

First things first. I love coffee. Like way too much.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

I grew up in Durban, South Africa.

I wasn't a big fan of my 12 years of school. I thought it was boring for most part. I liked computer class most cause I could remote desktop in my Home computer and feel right at home.
But then I found myself on a one way flight to Seoul, South Korea where I spent the 5 best years ever and for once made some life long friends and could do the whole living abroad thing.

At home in Durban, South Africa, I try to surf as often as possible.

Me riding the sponge!

Having lived in Asia since I was 18, it's pretty much home to me. I honestly feel right at home there.

building signage turned-on during nighttime
Walking through the city at 3am with Vaporwave in my ears.

That's totally my vibe. I just love Asia. Best food on the planet.

Noodle's is my staple.
bowl on red chilies
I'm a self proclaimed chilli veteran. Korea & Durban Curries contributed a lot.

I initially thought of studying Computer Science at first but was put off by the curriculums as it appeared to look like 4 year long memory test instead of learning how to actually build and make stuff, which is ultimately what I like most. Following that, I enjoy Photography and Film making. I used to make a lot of surf and adventure videos, many of them are still on YouTube.

So I went the International Trade (Economics) and Business Administration route instead. I thought knowing a bit more about how the world works and perhaps some finance skills like accounting will help a lot for future decisions instead of just shotgunning into something I have no clue about.

I like figuring out things for myself by Googling a lot and learn best through a LOT of trial and error. Sure, it probably explains why I broke the computer every few months and my parents had to send it in to get fixed again, but how else do you learn if you can't see it for yourself.

Stoked 💻

The word was buzzing around school that this little computer nerd who was always beaten up, can fix all your computer problems. 14 Year old Ronald even did it for free back then just so I can make a friend (or they can get a free technician).

Still to this day when someone in town and even family got computer issues, they tend to contact me, before Googling. Sometimes I don't even know them!

I now have found my way into the tech industry, through doing web development and tech consultation gigs for both Individuals and Startups. That means I'll no longer fix your computer for free.

In my free time I enjoy building my own projects / 'mini startups' with my fellow passionate makers over at wip.chat.

My programming languages of choice is Python and Javascript.

I speak English & Afrikaans, understand Dutch by default and I know a fair bit of Korean to help myself and can throw random Japanese words.

I'm generally quite bad at human languages thought.

I would love to hear from you. Whether you're a stranger, an old friend or if you're interested in getting me to help you build your new product.

Please Send me a DM on Twitter.
or just say hi at ronaldlangeveld.com

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