Oh my I love Gatsby. It's FAST and Google loves it!

20 March 2019

After spending time over the last 2 months to learn ReactJS I saw that Ghost released a plugin for Gatsby and I just couldn't resist not learning Gatsby. Because I knew ReactJS, picking up Gatsby wasn't too hard. In fact, it's pretty much ReactJS with a few extras.

But why Gatsby? Well, it's FAST. Literally. It's built for one thing and that is speed! Absolutely fantastic. But other than that, Google absolutely loves it.

All above 90%. That's A+

Secondly. It is Future proof. Yes, the whole JAMStack and Static Website thing that separates from the backend by means of API's are now the main choice for many new projects. Because of the rise of Web technologies in mobile usage, websites are slowly becoming Apps. You've probably heard the term Web-App, Progressive Web-App, etc. That basically means, it's a 'website' that functions like a traditional app on your phone. Instagram, Tinder, Uber and a whole lot of other companies have Progressive Web App editions of their mobile apps. It allows allows their services to be reached by people who doesn't have phones good enough to install such apps.

Gatsby got amazing plugins to 'convert' the site to a Progressive Web App. And yes.. it's totally available even without an internet connection! Awesomeeeee.

I'll update this post along the way, but so far, I absolutely love React and Gatsby!

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